Monday, September 28, 2009

Soon, I promise!

I may not have many readers but for my own sense of accomplishment I've been getting antsy about my lack of posting.

The problem: my roommates and I still do not have internet access at home.

What this means: though I may be able to paint an acceptable picture of my adventure with words alone, the coolness factor is seriously upped with the sparse but illuminating pictures I took. These pictures are on my home computer. Ergo, I eagerly await my internet fix. Stolen moments at work do not easily lend themselves to a Wikipedia binge.

The solution: the Verizon dude is coming tomorrow to see what's the what. Cross your fingers.

Footnotes: 1 my grad school applications have been received by the institutions to which I applied. All I can do now is wait to see if I get interviews. 2 I will be donating my eggs again this fall. I have re-submitted my gene pool for chlorine level testing (don't want their eyes to burn) and updated my array of photos (I'm cuter now than in college. Does this mean I'll age well?) 3 To supplement my paltry income I'm going to start coaching again. Only basic skills group lessons but hey ... I get to be on the ice again. That is more than worth giving up an hour or two on my weekends.

Addendum: While The Travelers Notebook and their affiliated sites capture my ADHD-driven attention span, my current favorite travel blog would have to be that of Mr. Colin Wright: Exile Lifestyle. My jealously is kept to a minimum by his straightforward, reflective writing. It just has such a great flow to it. If there is anything lacking in my writing it's flow. Even in my poems I tend to lose track of the point.

So get ready, prepare yourself for a photo-filled, link-a-licious blog soon to be gracing this page. I'll apologize in advance for the less-than-awesome photo quality. I'm asking my parents for a much better camera for Chrismukkah this year. Necessities: black, protruding lens with auto-focus, button that makes a *clack* noise when you take a picture, not 7 years old and with fewer megapixels than my cell phone's camera.

Later days. Wish me luck on making it through my Yom Kippur fast today!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And Now for Something Slightly Different

I have moved! So, so very far away. An entire 1/2 mile, in fact. I still have the same zip code, which you would think should have made the process somewhat less of a hassle.


After nearly busting my ass trying to avoid hitting an oblivious pedestrian on the ride home I drank two glasses of cheap red wine (three buck chuck cab from Trader Joe's - had to finish the bottle anyway) in quick succession to calm down and immediately began to move. Two van loads and three car loads later I was able to pass out in my somewhat navigable new bedroom at midnight.

Though I was a complete zombie at work yesterday I managed last night to set up the kitchen with Meredith (roommate for another round) and later we set up the living room with Dan (new roommate.) Once again a pass-out time of midnight.

However a set-up kitchen plus cooler weather means I was able to stretch my cooking muscles last night. So much counter space! And a dishwasher! Magical.

I finally fulfilled my pasta craving from the other week, though I couldn't find GF farfalle so I used fusilli instead. Cooked that up to squishy perfection and coated it with olive oil in which I had sauteed diced bell peppers (red/green/yellow, wish I had had the time to mince them but was far too hungry at that point,) some diced onions leftover from my other dish, and roasted garlic. Topped it off with Adobo seasoning for some serious yum. Also: vegan. Brought in some leftovers for lunch!

The other dish was a wilted spinach salad, this week's craving. Got a bunch of organic stuff from my much smaller but much closer neighborhood Whole Foods. Threw in the aforementioned diced onions, some minced non-roasted garlic, and chopped grape tomatoes. Topped it off with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and feta cheese crumbles. Seriously? Sometimes I impress myself.

Hopefully these two dishes will feed me through Saturday when I will be getting on a plane to the Left Coast! So excited for my trip. Spending Saturday through Wednesday just outside of Portland with my youngest aunt, Trish, then spending Wednesday through Sunday in San Diego with my friend Luke. I simply cannot wait to cook for these two. I love to cook for people important to me and try to impress them. Especially Aunt Trish, since she's such an amazing chef herself!

I'll report back on my gustatory and other adventures when I'm back on the Right Coast.

Later days.